About Us

Our story is a labor of love. We have known one another since we were kids, and dated briefly when we were 18. We rekindled our relationship after 20 long years apart and together formed a family and business. In the midst of wedding planning, we decided to combine our talents and open Crozier Collective Gallery in the mountains of Northeast Georgia. Drew was a celebrated photographer in Atlanta having worked with many musicians and athletes. Ty has worked for two decades in business development and corporate sales. Together, we spent countless hours redesigning our space, reaching out to artists worldwide, and learning the gallery industry all with one goal in mind – to bring modern and contemporary art to our hometown. We often asked ourselves, “Is Toccoa, GA ready for this kind of gallery?” The response has been clear that our gallery is just what was needed in North Georgia. Each day we are frequented by visitors from Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee, all admiring the space and surprised to find a “city-like” gallery nestled in this quaint historic downtown. We have celebrated our first year of marriage and our first year as business partners. As we settle into our new normal of juggling our blended family of two sons (Jaden and Cohen) and a dog (Larry), careers, and Crozier Collective Gallery, we are continuously growing stronger as a couple and entrepreneurs.